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Have Spring Break on the brain? Need a new bikini or some dough for sunscreen? How about a $500 gift card from the retailer of your choice? You’re just in luck. The authors of Text Me are offering a deal you don’t want to miss. Help Text Me hit the bestsellers lists and earn a chance to win BIG! As of now, we will give away a $50 gift card aftermidnight on March 25th.

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What do you have to do to get in on the money? Blog, tweet, post… Get the word out, and keep track on the rafflecopter entry below! One lucky winner will have a wonderful Spring!


From Curses to Crushes, Angels to Witches, Mysteries to Puberty ; Traveling through Time to Swimming Under the Sea— Text Me: 8 Novels of First Love brings 8 teens in awkward situations who are about to find out more about themselves. These 8 authors bring novels that will make you laugh out loud.

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Text Me’s new cover!

Text Me: 8 Novels of First Love just got a brand new makeover to help chase away the winter blues!

Text Me


Remember, you can get EIGHT full-length young adult books in this one package, which is still just $0.99! It would cost you over $20 to buy each one separately.

Like Mermaids? SURFACING by Shana Norris
Mara Westray has just lost her mother, and being shipped off to live with the father she doesn’t know is not how she imagined grieving. But from the moment she steps off the ferry, nothing is as ordinary as it looks. As she tries to unravel the events that led to her mom fleeing the island sixteen years ago, Mara finds that the biggest secret of all is only the beginning.

Like Mysteries? CODENAME: DANCER by Amanda Brice
Bombs, poisoning, arson… Will aspiring ballerina Dani Spevak’s 15 minutes of fame on the hit TV show Teen Celebrity Dance-Off be over before she reaches age 15? Dani and her friends are suddenly at the center of some serious sabotage. And if she doesn’t find out who is behind it, her next pirouette could be her last.

Like Angels? WINGING IT! by Shel Delisle
Angel in Training Grace Lightbourne wants to earn her wings fast, so she skips school in Heaven, heading straight to Earth on a Mission as an apprentice Guardian Angel. But, she’d better watch out — she’s flying by the seat of her pants.

Like Time Travel? LIKE CLOCKWORK by Elle Strauss
When Adeline travels back in time to 1955′s Hollywood, she meets a James Dean-esque type hottie.
But can bad boys from the past be trusted?

Like Witches? STIRRING UP TROUBLE by Juli Alexander
Zoe Miller is a 15-year-old witch with a talent for potions. Then there’s all the so-called normal stuff. Like high school, her annoyingly selfish “friend” Anya, and her crush on Anya’s ex-boyfriend Jake. Now, Zoe’s dad is dating Jake’s mom, and things are getting more and more complicated. Zoe’s tired of fate interfering so cruelly in her life. Can you really blame her for putting her potions to not-so-good use and stirring up trouble?

Like Sweet Entertainment? CONFESSIONS OF A 16-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN LIPS by Cindy M. Hogan
VL. Virgin Lips. You may not have heard of it, but where I live, it’s a thing with a card, even if it is a figurative card. Maybe that’s a bit strange. I mean, what teenage girl isn’t interested in kissing? Locking lips definitely interested me, but the drama that came with it didn’t. No kissing, no drama. Simple.

Like Fairy Tales? THE CURSE GIRL by Kate Avery Ellison
When Bee is imprisoned in a magical, cursed house because of her father’s selfish choices, she has just one plan … escape! But she must solve a riddle and help her fellow prisoners break the curse that binds them all before she can leave, and that is proving more difficult than she originally thought thanks to the bitter young master of the house, Will.
Will wants nothing to do with Bee or her help (and he certainly isn’t planning on falling in love with her), but he might have underestimated just how determined and clever – and irresistible – she can be.

Like Cute Crushes? CHASING PUBERTY by Kat Brookes
Puberty has left high school freshman Logan Stanley behind. Join her on her journey as she discovers that being a true ‘It’ girl is only a state of mind — you just have to believe!


What do you think of the new cover?

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Originally published at ShanaNorris.com. You can comment here or there.


Hey, guys! Today I’m excited to feature Initiate by Tara Maya on my blog! Read on for more information about this book and an excerpt.


The Unfinished Song (Book 1): Initiate by Tara Maya



Dindi can’t do anything right, maybe because she spends more time dancing with pixies than doing her chores. Her clan hopes to marry her off and settle her down, but she dreams of becoming a Tavaedi, one of the powerful warrior-dancers whose secret magics are revealed only to those who pass a mysterious Test during the Initiation ceremony. The problem? No-one in Dindi’s clan has ever passed the Test. Her grandmother died trying. But Dindi has a plan.


Kavio is the most powerful warrior-dancer in Faearth, but when he is exiled from the tribehold for a crime he didn’t commit, he decides to shed his old life. If roving cannibals and hexers don’t kill him first, this is his chance to escape the shadow of his father’s wars and his mother’s curse. But when he rescues a young Initiate girl, he finds himself drawn into as deadly a plot as any he left behind. He must decide whether to walk away or fight for her… assuming she would even accept the help of an exile.


Blue-skinned rusalki grappled Dindi under the churning surface of the river. She could feel their claws dig into her arms. Their riverweed-like hair entangled her legs when she tried to kick back to the surface. She only managed to gulp a few breaths of air before they pulled her under again.

She hadn’t appreciated how fast and deep the river was. On her second gasp for air, she saw that the current was already dragging her out of sight of the screaming girls on the bank. A whirlpool of froth and fae roiled between two large rocks in the middle of the river. The rusalka and her sisters tugged Dindi toward it. Other water fae joined the rusalki. Long snouted pookas, turtle-like kappas and hairy-armed gwyllions all swam around her, leading her to the whirlpool, where even more fae swirled in the whitewater.

“Join our circle, Dindi!” the fae voices gurgled under the water. “Dance with us forever!”

“No!” She kicked and swam and stole another gasp for air before they snagged her again. There were so many of them now, all pulling her down, all singing to the tune of the rushing river. She tried to shout, “Dispel!” but swallowed water instead. Her head hit a rock, disorienting her. She sank, this time sure she wouldn’t be coming up again.

“Dispel!” It was a man’s voice.

Strong arms encircled her and lifted her until her arms and head broke the surface. Her rescuer swam with her toward the shore. He overpowered the current, he shrugged aside the hands of the water faeries stroking his hair and arms. When he reached the shallows, he scooped Dindi into his arms and carried her the rest of the way to the grassy bank. He set her down gently.

She coughed out some water while he supported her back.

“Better?” he asked.

She nodded. He was young–only a few years older than she. The aura of confidence and competence he radiated made him seem older. Without knowing quite why, she was certain he was a Tavaedi.

“Good.” He had a gorgeous smile. A wisp of his dark bangs dangled over one eye. He brushed his dripping hair back over his head.

Dindi’s hand touched skin–he was not wearing any shirt. Both of them were sopping wet. On him, that meant trickles of water coursed over a bedrock of muscle. As for her, the thin white wrap clung transparently to her body like a wet leaf. She blushed.

“It might have been easier to swim if you had let go of that,” he teased. He touched her hand, which was closed around something. “What were you holding onto so tightly that it mattered more than drowning?”



Tara’s blog http://bit.ly/MtlSRJ

Tara’s Twitter http://bit.ly/162sCtE

The Unfinished Song on Facebook http://on.fb.me/1400mMq

Amazon http://amzn.to/15ciwYc

Barnes and Noble http://bit.ly/13yM5Dr

Kobo http://bit.ly/1aFhg1P

iTunes http://bit.ly/1baddhN

Smashwords http://bit.ly/17zK8Xn

Initiate is free everywhere except on Barnes and Noble (where it’s $0.99). You can download a free .epub version via Smashwords.

Originally published at ShanaNorris.com. You can comment here or there.


Valentine’s Faves


I love pink and hearts and romance. So of course I love Valentine’s Day. Here are some of my must-haves for this pink hearted love day.

- Cinnamon hearts. Of course I love chocolate as much as the next girl, but cinnamon hearts have always been a favorite Valentine’s Day treat for me.

- Pink lipgloss. I love Jordana’s Lip Out Loud! gloss in LOL-110. It’s a bright pink, shiny color. Other faves: Jordana Stay Glossy 3D in Lights, Camera, Action; Jordana Twist & Shine in Candied Coral; and Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Coral Shimmer.

- Pink nail polish. My picks are all Wet N Wild Megalast polishes because I think WNW makes great nail polish at a very affordable price. My fave colors for Valentine’s Day are Sugar Coat, Club Havana, and Candy-licious.

- Romantic YA books. I love a good connection between characters. I like the ones where the characters can’t get along, but also can’t stay away from each other. I like the ones where the characters instantly connect even though the rest of the world is trying to keep them apart. As long as I fall in love with the characters, I’ll cheer for them to be together. Some favorite YA love stories:

- Romantic movies. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a romantic movie, would it?

What are your Valentine’s Day must haves?

Originally published at ShanaNorris.com. You can comment here or there.


Meet the authors from TEXT ME

Meet the authors and books included in this awesome set of 

8 Novels of First Love.
Just in time for Valentines Day!
Only .99 cents for a limited time.
If you bought each book separately, you would pay over $20.00.
Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips by Cindy M. HoganStalk Cindy in all these places: Newsletter  Blog  Twitter  Facebook

Where did you get the idea for this book? 
Right before my daughter went to college, we were feeling a bit nostalgic about her high school years and we started talking about all her first kisses. It was fascinating and I thought her story would make a great book. And it really did!
Cindy M. Hogan 
Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
I’d have to say I love Ali. She’s the sassy best friend we all need.
What is something about yourself that others might not know? 
I’ve spoken German to my children since they were born. It’s fun to have a bilingual family. And my husband doesn’t  know it so it’s like I have a secret language with my daughters.
Do you wear socks to bed? 
Definitely in the winter. I’m cold-blooded for sure. Only occasionally in the summer.
The Curse Girl by Kate Avery Ellison

Where did you get the idea for this book? – I got the first sliver of an idea when the power had gone out one night and my husband and I were eating pizza by candlelight. The whole house was dark and flickering with firelight, and I’d put a mirror under some of the candles to better reflect the light, and I had this idea of a girl all alone in a huge, dark ballroom with walls of mirrors, holding a candle.


Kate Avery Ellison
What was the hardest thing about writing this book? – Finishing it. I love to start projects and I hate finishing them. The ending is always the most difficult part.
Do you wear socks to bed? – In the winter, yes. I particularly like stealing my husband’s warm wooly ones.

What is something about yourself that others might not know? – I have a lot of reoccurring dreams. In one of my most common ones, I’ve just purchased a new house only to discover that it has an entire extra wing hidden away in a basement or through a secret door, and it’s haunted.

Winging it! by Shel Delisle
Who is your favorite character in your book?
 While Grace, the main character, is near and dear to my heart, Aisha, the angel assigned as Grace’s guardian, is my favorite character.  Aisha is kind and spunky. Plus, She provides just the right amount of antagonism to offset Grace’s bravado. 
 Where did you get the idea for this book?
 The main character Grace just showed up one day and she wouldn’t leave me alone until I started putting words on paper. Still, there are times I wonder if episodes of “The Flying Nun” from my childhood stayed buried deep in my sub-conscious and if this book is just a more modern version of those characters.
Shel Delisle
 Do you wear socks to bed?
 I rarely wear socks during the day! :) Living in Florida, I almost always wear sandals.
That said, when the temperature drops here I’ve been known to keep my toes bundled up.   
 What is something about yourself that others might not know?
 I can inflate a pair of jeans while treading water and make it into a life preserver. Fortunately, that’s one life skill I haven’t ever used! 
Like Clockwork by Elle Strauss
Where did you get the idea for this book?
Like Clockwork is a companion book to Clockwise. Clockwise takes place on the east coast and the main character travels back in time to the civil war era. I wanted to write a story from a character living on the west coast and the most interesting historical time for me in that locale was 1950s Hollywood. Thus, Adeline was created!
What was the hardest thing about writing this book?
Lee Strauss
It wasn’t exactly hard, but it took work to research the details of the school and neighborhood. I’d been to Hollywood a few years before writing Like Clockwork, but didn’t know I was going to write a book based there at that time. Google Earth was a life saver!
Do you wear socks to bed?

What is something about yourself that others might not know?
My very first book was published in 2000 in Germany, in German. I don’t speak German.

Surfacing by Shana Norris

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
I think that would be Josh Canavan. He’s been through a lot in his young life and he’s built up a tough exterior, but then his vulnerability comes out at times too. And when he cares about someone, he becomes extremely loyal to them.
Where did you get the idea for this book?
Shana Norris
The idea came from my love of the Outer Banks along North Carolina’s coast. Swans Landing was based on the island of Ocracoke, which you have to take a ferry to get to. The small island has so much history and I thought it was the perfect place for a race of mermaid people to live unnoticed by the rest of the world.
What was the hardest thing about writing this book?
Figuring out all the secrets everyone was hiding. Some of them I knew early on, but others I didn’t figure out what was really underneath their actions until later on.
Do you wear socks to bed?
No, they would annoy me too much! My feet get too hot while I sleep.


Stirring Up Trouble by Juli Alexander
Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
My fave is Zoe because she is smart, ambitious, and nice. She’s also a witch but more than anything, she’s a typical teen. She has lots of self doubt and a crush on her friend’s boyfriend.
Where did you get the idea for this book? 
I started thinking about potions and magic. I thought it would be cool to have some side effects or punishment for performing magic. So I decided that witches get punished if they perform selfish spells. That’s why witches in history have green skin, ugly noses, etc. They’ve been using their magic selfishly.
Juli Alexander
What was the hardest thing about writing this book? 
I had a blast writing this book. The hardest part was making sure that Zoe didn’t put up with too much from Jake even though she had a crush. I didn’t want her to be a wimp.
Do you wear socks to bed?
No. In fact, I stick my feet out from the covers. I’m weird that way.
If you could change the color of one thing in the world, what would it be and why?
I’d change the color of ugly buildings to something bright and pretty.

Codename: Dancer by Amanda Brice</p>
Go stalk Amanda    Website  FB   Goodreads

What is something about yourself that others might not know? 

If they follow me on twitter, they know everything. Hmmm. I always wanted to write, but never had a story to tell. It was after law school when I finally took a chance on my writing. I’m so glad that I did!

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

 You’d think it would be Dani Spevak, the heroine, but you’d be wrong. Don’t get me wrong — I do love Dani (or I wouldn’t have written her!), but I have a soft spot for her best friend Maya Sapp. Maya is gutsy, outgoing, and really speaks her mind. She’s a lot of fun to write and one day maybe I’ll give her her own book.
Amanda Brice

Where did you get the idea for this book?Growing up I was a dancer. It was my life for about 30 hours a week. But other than non-fiction about the great ballets, there weren’t any books for teens about dance. All the fiction was for toddlers and young elementary students. I’d always loved mysteries, so I decided to write the book I would have wanted to read when I was a teen.

What was the hardest thing about writing this book?Plotting, which is weird since I’m a plotter!  I’m one of those writers who CANNOT write from the seat of my pants. Everything must be plotted out — in full detail — before I can sit down to write. I know some writers say that takes the fun out of it for them, but if I’m presented with a blank canvas I tense up and panic. But because I require a full, detailed outline in order to write, that requires a LOT of prep work. I love coming up with premises and I love writing, but getting all the details right is hard — and yet so necessary in a mystery!

Through the EYES of a Geek by Kat Brookes

 Stalk Kat Brookes here: https://www.facebook.com/kat.brookes.5

Who is your favorite character in your book?
Ryan – the ‘angelboy’ – because despite the emotionally painful life he’d had growing up, he’s still got goodness inside him.  And I love his snarky sense of humor.
Where did you get the idea for this book?  My oldest daughter is special needs and there were a few occasions where she was ‘bullied’ in school.  I wondered how those bullies might feel if they were in her shoes.  Instead, I decided to write about life Through the Eyes of a Geek, hoping that if even one bully changes for the better from reading this story I’ve succeeded.
Kat Brookes
What was the hardest thing about writing this book?   The scene at the end when Ryan goes to his parents’ house.  Other than that, the book was fun to write.
Do you wear socks to bed?  Nope.
If you could change the color of anything what would it be and why?   My eyes.  Mine are hazel.   Boring.  Blah.  I’d love to have blue eyes.



What do you love about YA/teen books?

Originally published at ShanaNorris.com. You can comment here or there.